Open1xSupplicant News

Is now availed to help developers and Open1xSupplicant users, the Open1xSupplicant Mailing List (29/11/2005)

With this Mailing List, developers and Open1xSupplicant users can make questions about Open1xSupplicant to other register users’ answer.

The 0.1 version of Open1xSupplicant RPM and source RPM to Suse 9.x distribution was released (30/06/2005)

Today 30/06/2005, it was release the first version of RPM and source RPM of Open1xSupplicant to Suse Linux 9.x distribution. The RPM versions of this application, only contains the graphical interface, because of this is necessary to install the Xsupplicant software separately. This package is usefull for users that alredy have the Xsupplicant installed in there systems.

Is now available 0.1-0.1 version of Open1xSupplicant package (29/06/2005)

Today 29/06/2005, it was release the first version of Open1xSupplicant package. This software package (tar.gz) includes Xsupplicant version 1.0.1 and Open1xsupplicant version 0.1. To install this package, uncompress it and fallow the existents indications in package directory.

With this application is now possible the easy configuration of PEAP and EAP-TTLS methods with MSCHAPv2 on Xsupplicant and connect to our e-U networks in our country.

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